Gatorbone Records

Hello folks! Welcome to Gatorbone Records, home to some of Florida's finest folk artists. We are a musical family that is but a small part of the great Florida Folk tribe. We believe the work of these artists represents a vital part of the folk music being created, written and performed in the state of Florida and far beyond. Artists include Grant Peeples, The Gatorbone Band, Frank Lindamood, Lon Williamson, Elisabeth Williamson, The Driftwoods, Aaron O'Rourke, Katie Geringer, Erik Alvar, Paul Garfinkel, Bob Patterson, Jim Carrick, Rachel Carrick, Elaine Mahon, James "Tuck" Tucker, Doug Jernigan, Dan Stevens, The Cicada Ladies, Wild Shiners, Hananel, Doug Spears, Teresa Jimenez, Flagship Romance, Lauren Heintz, Doug Spears,Ed "Eddie Mac" Macfarland of Tallahassee, Donna Decker, Scott and Michelle Dalziel, and Sharon and Dan Pillen better known as "Third Born Lefties" .

It's been another amazing year already here at Gatorbone Records! We are truly dazzled by the work being created by these talented singer-songwriters and composers. Forthcoming projects include The Other Great American Songbook by Frank Lindamood. This will be Frank's third recording with us an is being produced by Frank along with Michael Koppy of California. It is shaping up to be a monumental offering in a book form that includes fascinating essays of the each song's backstory as well as images that complement each offering. Big doin's! Stay tuned for the details.. due out later this year.

In addition a new project is in it's final stages for Grant Peeples! A Congress of Treasons is an introspective look at life, love and the world and is yet another fine collection of tunes penned by this noted singer-songwriter and poet. It features many talented artists including Erik Alvar on bass, Gabe Valla on guitar and mandolin, Rebecca Zapen on fiddle and Lon and Lis Williamson. Stay tuned folks! Due out later this year.

We are nearing completion of projects three AND four for label artist, Dan Stevens of Gulfport, Fla. Anoher great collection of tunes from this prolific songwriter. Musicians from all over the map are featured! We look forward to the completion of these two projects, due out in September, 2015.

The long awaited recording of Tallahassee area artist Frank Graham is on the brink of being released. Known as "The Thirteen", it truly is a beautiful chronicle of life tales from this gifted and groovy songwriter. Keep it here for the update.

In other gigantic news, we are about to begin sessions on our second Florida Folk Heritage recording, a tribute to Will McLean. This project will feature a variety of Florida artists and we sooo look forward to working with everyone on it. All proceeds from this recording will go directly to The Will McLean Foundation for the benefit of the fine work they continue to do and have been doing for the past 25 years.

Many other new projects are in the works for our other artists of which we are so proud including Aaron O'Rourke, Katie Geringer, Lauren Heintz, Paul Garfinkel, Elaine Mahon, The Gatorbone Band, The Driftwoods, Lon Williamson, Lis Williamson and more!. So my friends heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation for the support of the friends, fans and families of all of our artists. You are making dreams come true!

Sincerely, Lis and Lon Williamson